Contractor Marketing Tips

  • Branding

    When spending marketing dollars, it’s important to create a strong message and reinforce that message with strong branding. The stronger the branding, the better your message will echo through each marketing channel. Combining the various channels will again compound the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign.

  • Create A Modern & Updated Website

    A website is often your customer’s first experience with your company. It’s important to present yourself to your customers professionally and provide them with a great user experience. Easy to use contact methods, well organized information and attractive call to actions are features that every customer will enjoy.

  • Print

    Print is a significant part of many businesses and for good reason. Nothing can replace the interaction of flipping through a brochure or handing someone a business card. The information age has come a long way but the charm of print has it’s place. Make sure it represents your business in a clean and professional way.

  • Drive Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    A website is only one aspect of creating a web presence. The next step is making sure your content is crafted and structured in a way that ensures you are found when needed by the customer.

  • Claim your Google My Business listing

    Your google business listing informs customers of your location, hours, website, photos, reviews and contact information. Make sure your business listing is complete and up to date.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

    Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be a great way to increase leads. Place your bid for keywords that can put your company at the top of google’s search results. Don’t forget, google uses your bid amount as well as your quality score (ad, website and landing page relevance) to determine your ad placement.

  • Connect With Social Media Marketing

    Connect with customers through organic social media posts or payed advertising. Targeting new customers with by their social media user data is an excellent way of getting your name in front of your ideal customers. Encourage engagement by providing links that drive traffic to your website.

  • Convert Leads Into Sales with Email Marketing

    Email marketing can be a valuable way to keep in touch with your current customer list or reach newly acquired leads. You can make sure they’re informed of new deals and promotions as well as reminding them that you’re the company to contact when they need you.

  • Share Your Knowledge with Content Marketing

    Building informative content on your website is essential to improving SEO, aiding in social media marketing and providing linkable content to promote in other advertising such as email, PPC, ect. This can be done using the blog, news or articles section on your website.

  • Manage Google Reviews

    Your reputation is important! One of the leading deciding factors for new customers will be the quality of your reviews. Make sure you are monitoring, responding and rectifying any negative reviews. Remember that the user has the ability to edit the original review if the issue can be resolved.

  • Use The Information Gained From Marketing

    The data and insights you gain from running a marketing campaign are almost as important as the leads themselves. Gather and monitor your campaign data to make better informed decisions going forward. You can craft more effective advertising based on what is working for you in your area.

  • Direct Mail

    Delivering your message directly to the home of your potential customer has always been a big part of contractor marketing. Now, with improved data targeting and the rising costs of other marketing methods, direct mail remains an excellent way to deliver your message right into your customers hands.

  • Billboards

    Short term or long term leases on billboards can be an effective way to keep your name in the minds of local customers and increase you overall brand retention. Look for unique locations and opportunities that can spread the recognition of your company. Digital billboard campaigns can be a cost effective way to advertise in areas that have been previously unreachable due to cost.

  • Local Publication Ads

    Your area likely has many community publications or magazines that offer advertising opportunities. Make sure you use a strong call to action and attractive design that will catch the eye.

  • Recruitment Marketing Can Build A Better Team

    Marketing isn’t just for new customers! Building a great team with recruitment marketing can make a huge difference in the success of your company.

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